We have the capability and experience to assist our clients with all concert venue sizes, from 10,000 seat coliseums to small casinos.

We often provide the following team members for concerts:

  • Stagehands- Team members to load in and out events
  • Truck Loaders- Experienced team members who safely load and unload equipment
  • Climbers- Assigned to climb over 6 feet above the work surface safely while wearing a harness
  • Camera Operators- Team members assigned to operate a fixed or hand held camera during rehersal or performance
  • Spotlight Operators- Team members assigned to operate a follow-spot light during rehersal or performance
  • Truss Spotlight Operators- Team members who climbs up to a truss position to run a follow-spot light
  • Fork/Scissor Lift Operators- Certified team members assigned to run fork or scissor lifts
  • Stewards- Experienced supervisors to direct work flow and make assignments
  • Lighting Engineers- Technicians available to program lighting consoles
  • Sound Engineers- Technicians available to program sound consoles
  • Production Runners- Team members assigned to run errands for the production company (not a stagehand)
  • Riggers- Team members who fly/hang show equipment. Up-riggers  work in the air, in the roof structure or grid of a venue. Down-riggers work on the ground, assembling gear and then sending it up to the up-riggers. A Master Rigger will be responsible for direct supervision of the QSR rigging team and to evaluate safety of the proposed load
  • Stage Manager Experienced team member who has the overall responsibility for stage management and the smooth execution of a production


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